In South Abington Township, A Paving Plea From Neighbors

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A drive along Adams Place off Adams Avenue in South Abington Township is not a smooth one.

Neighbors say it has been a long time since this stretch of road has been paved.

"We're here 35 and I can't remember any time that it's been done in the last 20 years,” said Tom Kenney of South Abington Township.

"I have a new car, my car's already had to be lined up, I had to get new tires, but because of the road is in such bad shape, the dirt is just carrying into the house from the road being deteriorated. It's absolutely disgusting,” said Mary Kenney of South Abington Township.

Last Sunday, on Mother's Day, resident Anastasia Gaus took a walk to all her neighbors' homes in the pouring rain.

Then she took her petition to the South Abington Township supervisors, asking that they pave Adams Avenue and Adams Place.

“Some of the road is so deteriorated it's down to the dirt, it's a small strip but it's very important to us that live there because we have no alternate route to get in and out of our property,” said Gaus.

It may not be a major battle, but it is an important fight for people here and they say they are glad to have Anastasia.

"She's a trooper. She was really out there, I really admire her for going out and getting petitions and names on the petition and getting this going and hopefully, by another year, we'll see some results,” said Shelby Arendt of South Abington Township.

"Township officials say they understand peoples' frustrations but say there is 37 miles of roadway in the Township and they only get half a million dollars a year to pave roadways and the money for this year has already been earmarked for other locations.

“When we moved in, that was one of the complaints that we had about the area was that the road was really rough and uneven and in our older years, we're kind of hoping to go for more walks and you kind of have to watch every step that you take,” said Arendt.

Township leaders say right now, they're finishing up a project started by neighbors in another neighborhood who a few years ago, did the same thing, brought them a petition demanding improved roads.

They are hopeful next year they may be able to do something on Adams Avenue and Adams Place.

"This is one of the better roads they tell us. Where are you going? You know?” said Tom Kenney.

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