Farm That Feeds More Than 100 Families Needs Help Cleaning up After Storm

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STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A farm that helps feed more than 100 families needs help to clean up from Tuesday's storm.

Downed trees have caused quite a mess at the Josie Porter Farm near Stroudsburg.

This time of year, Heidi Secord should be busy farming.

"I'm supposed to be thinking about planting and putting crops in and weeding," Secord said.

Instead, the owner of Josie Porter Farm is dealing with damage left behind from Tuesday's strong storms, which knocked over six trees on the farm.

The storm also destroyed a growing tunnel on the farm. The wind was so strong that it ripped off a heavy piece of plywood and threw it about 20 yards.

"It was a pretty devastating storm and the wind was just crazy," said Stroud Township Supervisor Ed Cramer.

One tree smashed through a fence that protcts the crops from animals.

"We have customers that are counting on produce from our farm," said Secord.

The organic farm has a community supported agriculture program. More than 150 families pay to support the farm. In return, they get produce. So Secord needs to get the fence repaired quickly.

"Just trying to get it cleaned up this weekend before the deer start coming in and feasting on all of our yummy crops inside our deer excluder fence," said Secord.

Secord is holding a community cleanup day on Saturday.

"My ideal work crew would be people that know how to install some fencing, a post hole digger, some people with chainsaws."

Cleanup begins at 9 a.m. The cleanup schedule could be impacted by rain. The Josie Porter Farm will post schedule updates to its Facebook page.

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