Car Wash Raises Money for Police and Fire Departments

OLD FORGE, Pa. -- Volunteers cleaned cars for a cause in Lackawanna County on Friday.

A car wash and hot dog sale raised money for the Old Forge police and fire departments.

Healthcare company Saber organized the fundraiser.

"This is the best way to end Police Week, the best way to celebrate and give back to local heroes," said Allie Litchkowski.

Saber will present a check to first responders on Memorial Day.

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  • J (@ds18301)

    This is such a sad story. Police, Fire Departments, Cancer victims etc should not have to have car washes and bake sales to survive while trump and his billionaire buddies get *permanent* huge tax cuts (beyond the Bush ones) and companies like Exxon (big trump donors) pay *no* taxes so that they can buy their third private island mansions and second jets. It is the so-called “s*it-hole” third world countries (to quote trump) where this is supposed to happen. The dictator has learned he can steal all he wants from the poor– as long as he throws out red meat like “2nd amendment” or “build a wall” every couple of weeks to keep the fox lemmings pacified.

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