Taking the ‘Laurel’ vs. ‘Yanny’ Debate to the Laurel Mall

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The "Laurel" and "Yanny" debate seems to have taken the country by storm. Many people are split on whether the now infamous audio recording is saying "laurel" on "yanny."

With the audio recording becoming such a controversy, Newswatch 16 felt what better place to ask people what they're hearing than the Laurel Mall, and we found people on both Team Yanny and Team Laurel.

There were some people who said that us playing the recording for them changed their minds.

This debate reminds many people of "the dress," a similar online post where people couldn't agree on the color a dress.

The manager of the Laurel Mall says there can only be one right answer to the recording debate.

"Sorry to say, you people out here saying Yanny or whatever. Sorry, the property manager of the Laurel Mall says it's Laurel," said Rocco Arruzzo, Laurel Mall manager.

Store owners also backed him up.

"It's always laurel at the Laurel Mall. You're right. We don't have a choice."

Newswatch 16 kept a tally of all the people we asked about the recording. It was pretty evenly split.

And for all the people who say the recording is saying "laurel." The New York Times tracked down the person who made the video. He confirmed it's laurel.

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