Storm Cleanup in Columbia County

FISHING CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The sound of a chainsaw can be heard pretty much everywhere you go in Fishing Creek Township near Orangeville.

One crew spent the day Thursday cutting branches and cleaning up the big mess.

Tuesday's storm only lasted a few minutes, but it left a lot of damage in this part of Columbia County. The National Weather Service was here and determined the damage was caused by very strong winds.

"It blew two holes in the barn on both sides," Herbert Fritz said.

Fritz has a lot of damage to deal with. In addition to the holes in his barn, a tree in his front yard blew over. Fritz's son-in-law Alan Harris and friend Duke Slusser were there to help.

"He needs something, he calls or we just show up and help. My good buddy Duke came along and we're doing what we can for a couple of guys," Harris said.

"Cutting away at it. It's a pretty good job to undertake, but we're going to do what we can," Slusser said.

More than 700 people in Columbia County were without power for much of the day. Utility crews were on hand to take care of that.

PPL expects power to be restored to this area by 11 p.m. Thursday.