Final Farewell for Army Reservist in Mahanoy City

MAHANOY CITY, Pa. -- Hundreds lined the streets of Mahanoy City on Thursday night as an Honor Guard brought home Army specialist Peter Luddy one final time.

Firefighters in Mahanoy City draped a massive 35-foot American flag above the borough's main drag.

Beneath it, an Honor Guard escorted the body of Peter Luddy through his hometown.

The 21-year-old Army Reservist died last week in Virginia during Army training from a traumatic brain injury.

His loss has devasted many people in this close-knit community, where Luddy was a former high school basketball star, who aspired to one day become a police officer.

"Small town coal region, everybody knows one another, and everybody gets along for the most part, and things like this, I believe, rally the community around and together," said Tony Blackwell.

Luddy's funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized.


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