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Storm Cleanup in Columbia County

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Pa. -- In South Centre Township in Columbia County, folks are still cleaning up after Tuesday’s violent storms.

There are downed limbs, utility and power lines, too.

In some cases, enormous trees were entirely toppled.

"It was probably one of the scariest storms I've seen in a long time, you know the wind was bad and the rain came down and it just poured,” said Carol Woolridge of Elan Memorial Park.

Crews worked all day Wednesday at Elan Memorial Park, cleaning up debris from the cemeteries.

"I got to give the guys a lot of credit because they really, you know, beared down and did a really good job. That's a lot to ask. It's raining, and people are soaked, it's a tough job, but good crew,” said Michael Hoffman, the maintenance supervisor at Elan Memorial Park.

Nearby, Central Columbia School District's Blue Jay Stadium took some hits.

The roof was torn off the concession stand, fences around the tennis courts were ripped down, a utility pole was knocked over, a soccer goal, too.

The superintendent says the district has notified its insurance company.

There is no word yet how much the repairs will cost.

"Long story short, it was violent, pretty violent the winds kind of came here towards the river and things got blown around a little bit,” said Doug Brown, a track coach at Central Columbia.