Severe Storm Damage in the Poconos  

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STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Thomas Gazzano of Stroudsburg came home to find a tree in his living room.

"I actually went out to get gas. On my way back, it started to get dark out. I come home, and this is what I came home to," said Gazzano.

A kitchen sink was hanging out of what was the front wall of his apartment on Myrtle Street.

"If I was home, I would have been dead. There's no doubt about that. There's no roof, no structure left to this house."

Strong winds and heavy rain hit the Poconos hard on Tuesday, leaving behind a lot of damage.

Downed power lines, trees, and debris make up most of the damage that can be seen throughout Stroudsburg.

Just off Broad Street, two giant trees now fill the backyard and garden of Rudy Clark.

"When I got up this morning, unbelievable. That spruce tree was 70 feet high and it's half left and the sugar maple is destroyed," said Clark.

When severe weather hits quickly and creates a lot of damage, it also creates a lot of work for people like tree cutters who have been working around the clock.

Christopher Beck runs Mr. Outdoor Tree Service. Some of his workers are still cutting down trees from the snow storms that hit the Poconos back in March. Now, there is more work to do.

In addition to the damage, power outages are another problem for some in the Poconos. PPL said some homes and businesses in Monroe County may not get power back until at least Friday afternoon.

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