Heavy Wind Damage Outside Danville

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RIVERSIDE, Pa. -- Uprooted trees are all over people's properties in Riverside. The storm did not last long, but it came through this area of Northumberland and Montour counties with a lot of force.

According to the National Weather Service, it was straight line wind that caused a tractor-trailer to tip over on the Danville Riverside Bridge. It also caused a lot of other damage.

"We saw it move a little bit we thought, and then the wind died down. It appeared normal and two seconds later, we had another gust of wind and the tree rolled right over," Steve Spotts said.

"We knew something was going to pass through. We were not expecting what we got," Sarah Webber said.

Whiteknight's Farm Market on Sunbury Road saw quite a bit of damage. The wind threw a large canopy about 80 feet.

"I had it anchored in 12 locations and multiple anchors in each location. Four tons, a ton in each location holding it down," Brian Whiteknight said.

The canopy was covering a large amount of plants. Employees estimate the loss of plants to be around $3,000.

"Especially with Mother's Day being last week, we just put everything out. We worked so hard organizing the place, and then everything is just to pieces," Webber said.

In addition to destroying plants, the storm tore up a section of the roof and damaged the greenhouse. The storm blew everything off some pallets but left everything in another area untouched.

"If you went back to where the vegetables were, the herbs, the perennials, pots were all standing up straight," Webber said.

The team at Whiteknight's spent the day cleaning up storm damage and counting their blessings.

"Employees were safe, and customers were safe, and that's what counts," Whiteknight said.

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