Gymnasts Excelling at United Sports Academy

Level 10 gymnast Tayler Osterhout just got back from nationals. Competing in vault, bars, beam and floor, she placed 15th. That's nationwide.

"Going to nationals, just seeing all the college coaches there, meeting other people, and our teammate, it was just a super good experience," Osterhout said. "Seeing how all my hard work paid off, it was just great."

Osterhout is part of the next generation of exceptional gymnasts at United Sports Academy - a world-class facility, right here in Dunmore. Their slogan: "Taking gymnastics to a new level," and Osterhout isn't the only one taking that to heart.

"I technically grew up here and it's been like a second home for my whole life," said Madelynn Perfilio, a level 9 regional champion in tumbling.

"We are, I believe, the best gym in the area," added Mackenzie Black, a state champion in vault. "We have the best coaches. They're so sweet and not only area they more than qualified to do their job, they're like parents to us."

Year in and year out, United Sports Academy consistently produces talent. This year, they crowned 34 state champions and eight regional champions.

"They make champions," Perfilio said. "We have amazing coaches and just amazing people that help us."

Just like the athletes that came before them, they keep the pipeline going.

"It's surreal to think that me being a little kid, looking at all the big kids doing these hard skills and now I'm the big kid and these kids are looking up to me," Black said.

"I love being a role model," Osterhout added. "I love teaching the other girls and having them look up to me. To me, it keeps the gym going good."

To someday be the next Tayler Osterhout.