Parents Frantically Search for Kid’s School Bus, Later Find out Driver Was Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

WHITE HAVEN, Pa. -- An empty school bus and downed trees--that's what parents say they saw on Tuesday when they were searching for their kids from Fairview Elementary School after the storm.

Parents say they were told by the Crestwood School District their kids would be late because of the bad weather, but after a half hour went by, parents like Domenica Solarek took matters into their own hands.

"Everybody was frantic looking for their kid," said Solarek.

Parents say their kids' usual bus driver got stuck in the mud and needed to leave the bus behind. That's when Cindy Keil showed up in a different bus and the students got on.

When Solarek finally found the bus and talked to her son Benjamin, he said some of the students on the bus were crying. Solarek said her relief quickly turned into outrage.

"The first thing he said was the bus driver was swearing, using the f word, sweating real bad, and he said he was scared because how she was driving," said Solarek.

After about an hour of looking around the development for the bus, parents finally caught up with Keil. About a dozen kids got off and went home with their parents, but one student was still on the bus when Keil was pulled over a few minutes later by White Haven police.

White Haven police pulled her over for a headlight being out and say she was slurring her speech. Officers said she was shaking, sweating, and couldn’t stand on one foot for long.

"She probably was lost, A, and B, there were a lot of trees that were down blocking roads, so she probably had to turn her bus around a couple of times, and I imagine in her state that probably wasn't easy," Solarek said.

Police are still waiting on the results of a blood test to find out whether Keil will be charged with DUI.

Keil drives for the Rinehimer bus company. No one with the company has said whether Keil still has her job.

"There should be some kind of check-in or somebody that they're face to face with that can see that this person is sober or not," Solarek suggested.

Even though police have not yet charged Keil with DUI, she does face several traffic violations. Either way, the Crestwood School District told Newswatch 16 Keil will not be driving for the school anymore.


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