Close Call: Fallen Utility Pole Only Cracks Sunroof of BMW

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- One car owner in Monroe County was either very lucky or very unlucky depending on how you look at it.

A utility pole snapped and smashed into the sunroof of a BMW on Fetherman Street in Stroudsburg on Tuesday as heavy rains and winds ravaged many parts of Monroe County.

"I saw that and I said, 'Oh my God, I know they just got that car,'" said Samad Khan of Florida.

"The pole just fell right on top and I was kind of surprised it didn't catch on fire with the gas there and everything like that," said Ivan Rosado of Stroudsburg.

"My daughter saw that and came in screaming, 'Daddy, your car! Your car!' So I looked out and was surprised," said Osama Al-Sheriff.

Al-Sheriff tells Newswatch 16 he just got the BMW five months ago. He's amazed that the transformer only hit the sunroof and apparently did not damage the rest of the car's roof.

Now, his BMW sits soaked with a utility pole on top of it and surrounded by wires.

"Four days rain now, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and after tomorrow, and with the sun roof broken all the rain will go inside," he said.

Al-Sheriff says he is counting his blessings because he could have been in the car when the pole snapped.

"Thank God I was not inside. I usually am always in and out and thank God I was not in that car."

Al-Sheriff tells Newswatch 16 he does have insurance but has to wait until the pole is removed before he knows the full extent of the damage to his car.