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Body Shops Extra Busy After Hail Storm in Susquehanna County

GIBSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Massive chunks of hail dented cars and shattered windshields in Susquehanna County on Tuesday.

Car owners shared their horror stories with Newswatch 16 an auto repair shop on Wednesday.

"I've never seen anything like it. I've never seen hail so big in my life," said Michala Zeck of Thompson.

"It was definitely the most interesting storm I've witnessed while living here," said Olivia Strauss of Kingsley.

Those who live in Susquehanna County still can't believe it. The sizable pieces of hail wreaked havoc throughout parts of the county sending many cars to the shop with golf ball sized craters. Burman Collision Service in Gibson Township expects to be busy for a while.

"For this one, the severity of the damage is beyond anything I've seen in probably 25 years," said owner Ivan Burman.

Zeck was at her boyfriend's house in Harford when the storm came through. The damage is so bad on her car, she thinks it may be totaled. Others had a similar experience.

"All of a sudden, it's raining cats and dogs, and I look outside, and there's golf ball sized hail coming down, and it's just hitting my car at 100 miles an hour," Zeck said. "It shattered my windshield pretty much, and my entire car is just dented."

"I go and look at the front of my car, no noticeable damage, but keep in mind, it's still raining so you can't really see anything. I go in the back and my whole back windshield was just completely shattered, and there were over 10 golf ball sized dents in my car," said Strauss.

Ruben Mudge specializes in fixing dents. He explained the process.

"Gently massage out the dent from behind the panel until it becomes flush with the panel again and you can't see any lows or highs. As to dents in the storm we just had? Some of them will take up to a half hour depending on how bad they are."

And for Mudge, this time-consuming job may mean sleep will come at a premium the next few weeks.