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Voters in Monroe County Weigh In on Congressional Map Changes

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Tuesday's primary election was the first time voters in Monroe County got to see the changes made to Pennsylvania's Congressional Map.

Monroe County is split, and some residents won't have the same representative in Congress next year.

"Like anything else, once there is a change, it will take you a little time to say well who is who, what is what, and if it's going to be permanent or not," said Bob Corbett, who lives in the newly created 8th District.

Corbett lives in Smithfield Township.  His congressional district is centered around the Lackawanna and Luzerne County areas. Other voters in his precinct will have a representative from the Lehigh Valley. That's because Smithfield Township falls in the area where the county is split.

"Two is fine, why not two? The only problem is, does it really matter when something comes into play? So that's why I think it's very important to vote," said Wendy Schmidt of Smithfield Township, who lives in the 7th District.

Not only does the new congressional map divide Monroe County and split Smithfield Township, but it also splits a voter precinct.

At the VFW on Fawn Road in Smithfield Township, about 1,400 residents are in the 8th Congressional District and a little more than 300 residents are in the 7th Congressional District. Volunteers were on hand to help voters who had questions.

"I wonder why they didn't put us in two different places instead of splitting the same place, but they explained it very well in there. So I was happy with it," said Linda Rouzer of Smithfield Township, District 8.

For a look at the new Congressional Map and information about how it impacts Monroe County voters, click here.