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Turbotville’s Only Grocery Store to Close

TURBOTVILLE, Pa. -- Disappointing news for folks in part of Northumberland County--Turbotville's only grocery store is going out of business. Turbotville Great Valu on Route 54 has been a staple in Turbotville since 1969.

Sue Seese has been shopping there since 1970.

"Oh, it's handy. It's friendly, and they're all helpful here," Seese said.

But now, Sue and everyone else will have to find a new place to shop. Turbotville Great Valu closes for good on July 1.

"It wasn't an easy decision, but it seemed like our only decision," Patty Seiders said.

Patty and Fred Seiders have owned the grocery store since 2002, but it's been in Fred's family since it was built almost 50 years ago. Patty tells Newswatch 16 they put the store on the market last year, but no one wanted to buy it. The two are ready to retire. In addition, bigger grocery stores hurt their business.

"Small businesses are hard to maintain. There's definitely the customer base here," Seiders said.

That includes loyal customers like Althea Kreider.

"I've been coming here forever. It's the only grocery store I've ever went to here," Kreider said.

The closest grocery store is about 10 miles away.

One group of people who would be affected is the Amish. Since they travel by horse and buggy, it limits the distance they can travel.

"Friday night with the Amish here is unbelievable," Seiders said.

Crystal Sholly has worked there for 33 years. She tells Newswatch 16 it's the only job she's ever had.

"Heartbroken. This is pretty much my home. Fred and Patty are like family to me," Sholly said.

Turbotville Great Valu closes July 1, but will begin liquidating stock early next month. In the meantime, the owners, employees, and customers hope someone else buys the store.