Raid at Garage of Former Scranton School District Fleet Manager

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- State police raided an auto garage belonging to a mechanic that used to do work with the Scranton School District.

Both state police and the state attorney general's office took part in the raid on Tuesday. It appears to be part of a grand jury investigation likely tied to the Scranton School District.

A van belonging to the state attorney general's office special investigations unit was parked outside Danny's Garage on West Elm Street in Scranton for most of the day.

The garage belongs to Dan Sansky, the Scranton School District's former fleet manager.

When Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale released the findings of a state audit of the Scranton School District last year, Sansky was a key detail.

State auditors found Sansky and his wife received health care benefits from the district for 12 years, even though Sansky was never a district employee.

The audit also found the records of Sansky's work on district vehicles were vague and insufficient.

The raid is likely in response to the current school board's request for an investigation.

State troopers spent several hours inside the garage eventually taking out several boxes and a computer.

A subpoena, sitting in plain view in a car parked at the garage, shows the depth of the investigation. The subpoena calls for the custodian of records for the garage to testify in front of a grand jury in Montgomery County next month.

Newswatch 16 made repeated attempts to talk to Sansky ever since the audit came out last fall. He stayed inside and didn't answer the door.

When the thunderstorms started, Sansky slipped out the back and drove away.

Newswatch 16 spoke with the president of the Scranton school board on Tuesday. She said the board was not surprised by the raid, and the board is cooperating with the state attorney general's investigation.


    • jafo577810438

      It’s not only Scranton, though it’s probably the most corrupt municipality in the area. The Lackawanna County government is a close second. The entire NEPA region is corrupt, has been, at least, since I was a kid too many decades ago. This year there’s an opportunity to start unraveling the mess; I hope the electorate takes advantage of it.

    • jafo577810438

      I have to disagree. Hopefully days like this will become the norm and the thieves, thugs, loafers, cronies, hacks, incompetents, and otherwise corrupt individuals will see it’s becoming more difficult to be irresponsible, if not criminal, and disappear, either by conviction or their own volition.

      • E

        Ha ha ha ha ha! Are you fuc*ing kidding?! Your white trash dumping ground, that is Scranton, was founded as a slave labor camp for the unwanted trash of the region. Ha ha ha ha! Your area is getting worse every day and all the local trash can do is try to soothe themselves with rhetorical bulls*it. “We’ve hit a turning point”, “it can only get better from here”. Ha ha! Try again. Your slum is the only area I’ve ever been where people are actually PROUD of benefiting from corruption. You people act as if it’s a source of pride. Ha ha ha! That widespread acceptance of corruption is why your area will NEVER see positive change, only negative. The drugs, crime, overdoses etc. that you deal with now are only the beginning of what’s to come. Ha ha ha! Now why don’t you go back to your typical blind defensive nonsense, “ it’s not just Scranton”, “it happens everywhere”, “everyone is just like me”, “you’re no better than me”. Ha ha ha ha! Sound about right? 😂😂😂

      • jafo577810438

        I don’t the reason, but I can’t reply directly to comments posted by the miscreant ‘E’ below so this will have to suffice.

        It’s quite apparent reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. My guess is watching reruns of “Jersey Shore” is about the maximum intellectual stimulation your arrested developed mind can absorb, so I have to take some blame posting comments that not everyone who visits this website can make sense of. It’s unfortunate when an educational system fails students, which is one explanation for your public display of a lack of comprehension. Unless, of course, your difficulty stems from an organic source, such as lack of oxygen during delivery or inherent developmental disabilities. If the comprehension deficit is the result of these or an accident resulting in brain damage, I apologize. Somehow though, I’m compelled to believe it’s the result of basic inattention during your school years, if you even graduated.

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