Huge Hail Pelts Parts of Susquehanna County

HARFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Huge chunks of hail slammed the Harford area near Kingsley in Susquehanna County, shattering windows, denting cars and damaging homes.

"It was as loud as a train coming through. It was really frightening. It destroyed a lot of windows and property and my car is completely demolished," said Kathleen Morris of Tingley Lake.

"I've seen a couple of tornadoes here, a couple things like that, but I've never seen that before," said Conrad Owens of Harford.

One woman who lives in the Harford area says the storm only lasted a few minutes but it sounded like baseballs were coming down on her home.

"Soon as it came over, we went into the basement, let it all pass then we came out and this is what we found. Holes all over the house and all the windows are smashed. My Jeep is all smashed up. It was just loud and came in strong," said Morgan Sedelnick of Harford.

Following the storm streets in the area were littered with branches and trees. Those Newswatch 16 spoke to say despite the golf ball sized hail, they did not lose power.

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