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Strong Emotion as Embassy Opens in Jerusalem

SCRANTON, Pa. -- "It's exciting and exhilarating, and I think it's about time."

Images of the United States opening its embassy in Jerusalem meant so much to Rika Schaffer. She says this is a long time coming, that Jerusalem has been the capital to its people for thousands of years.

Schaffer was born there and is going back in June.

"For me, to go there and know, 'Hey, the world knows this is the capital of Israel,' it makes me so excited. Look, I'm wearing my Israeli flag today," Schaffer said.

"The world did not recognize Jerusalem as its capital for political reasons. Trump has done that. He has restored history to its rightful cause,"  said Mark Silverberg, director of the Jewish Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Silverberg also addressed the deadly Palestinian protests, calling it a war between democracy and terrorism.

"I ask myself what would America do if this 20,000 group of terrorists were trying to breach the southern border, throwing firebombs?"

While there was violence on the day of the embassy's opening, those we talked with here hope it will lead the whole world to accept that Jerusalem is the official capital of Israel.

"Then maybe the Palestinian community will try to find a way to make peace with it and with that make peace with Israel," Silverberg said.

But Silverberg is afraid that won't be so easy, looking back at the long history.

"The problem is they come from a different culture. Their culture is, 'why must I compromise? If you want to compromise with me, well, that means that you are weaker than I am,'" Silverberg added.


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