Hiring 150 People in Mifflinburg

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MIFFLINBURG, Pa. -- Employees at Ritz-Craft Custom Homes in Mifflinburg finished up a modular home on Eighth Street. When it comes to buying a house, many people are turning to modular homes. So many, the Ritz-Craft is hiring 150 new employees to help produce them.

"Framing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, drywall, we'll also need leadership positions," Myles Biggs said.

Biggs is general manager of Ritz-Craft Custom Homes in Mifflinburg. Biggs tells Newswatch 16 the housing market is coming back and his company has seen a large influx of orders.

Ritz-Craft Custom Homes is reopening a section of one of its plants in Mifflinburg and needs employees to staff it. In addition to construction trades, they need office positions.

"We have a real need for engineering right now, but also accounting, sales, marketing, purchasing. We'll take it all," Biggs said.

"It's showing that the folks in our area are very hardworking. They're skilled," said Tea Jay Aikey, president and CEO of the Central Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce.

Aikey believes these jobs, as well as other companies that are hiring, will have a big impact.

"They are jobs that are going to be able to help families stay here and thrive here as well," Aikey said.

It's not just the people who are hired that benefit from these jobs. Local restaurants do, too.

"More people, the more work in Mifflinburg, that means more money in this town," Giuseppe Mazzamuto said.

Original Italian Pizza Owner Giuseppe Mazzamuto says Ritz-Craft employees come in for lunch and dinner. He looks forward to the hiring.

"Brings business in, draws more customers in for us as well. Spending more money, community helping community. That's what it's all about," Mazzamuto said.

If you are interested in applying for one of these jobs, Ritz-Craft Custom Homes is having a hiring open house this Saturday at its facility in Mifflinburg from 9 a.m. to noon. You can also apply here.

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