Flames Destroy Family’s Barn in Monroe County

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Smoke poured from the remains of the Altemose family barn in Chestnuthill Township over the weekend as crews used ladder trucks to put out the flames.

Hours after the fire ripped through the barn several family members and friends started the cleanup.

"I got the first call over the loudspeaker from whoever called it in and it was about 9:30 [Saturday]. By the time we got here, it was about high as the silo's out back and it was already gone," said grandson Jarrad Altemose.

Members of the Altemose family were able to rush in and save around 40 to 50 cows. Unfortunately, the family estimates that nearly $30,000 worth of hay was lost in the blaze.

"The barns were on fire, the flames were up to the rough, but we had to get in and get the cows out underneath the concrete roof that saved them. If it wasn't for the concrete roof, the rafters would've fallen down on top of the cows," said grandson Zach Altemose.

Investigators say a neighbor spotted the flames and called authorities.

Nobody was hurt in the fire.

The Altmose family has been farming here near Brodheadsville since the 1940's.

Those who live in the area say the farm is iconic

"We've been buying hay here for 17 years. They are the most awesome, friendliest people. They're such hard workers. This is such a devastation to see this, but I'm so glad the cows were able to get out," said Cathy Simpson of Brodheadsville

"This is their livelihood. This is all that they know," said daughter in law Michele Altemose.

"Being planting season is coming around, it's a devastation because there's crops to get in the ground, but now we have to clean this up to get the animals in. We're gonna clean it up, then rebuild," said Jarrad Altemose

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