Officer Injured, Police Cruiser Damaged During Chase

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MOOSIC, Pa. -- A Duryea police officer tried to pull a driver over for a registration violation Saturday.

The driver took off and led cops on a four-mile chase that wound up damaging a police cruiser and sent one officer to the hospital.

Police say a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee hit a police vehicle multiple times in Old Forge and again in Moosic as the chase went through Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties.

Investigators say the police cruiser is totaled.

The chase then went off the road into Rocky Glen Park in Moosic.

Officers could not follow the car into the woods. Instead, they tried to track the vehicle down by foot in the park.

When police found the car and driver, they tried to get him to stop, but he drove away.

Duryea Police tell Newswatch 16 the officer who was hurt has been treated and released.

State police are handling the investigation and tell us it is still ongoing as they search for the silver Jeep Grand Cherokee and the driver who they have identified, but haven't released his name.

The driver isĀ facing a slew of charges when caught.


  • Ange Ray

    They would have had to run his registration since the Commonwealth does not have stickers anymore. Why did the officer run the plate is my question. Does Duryea have a scanner?

  • Jer Tobin

    What’s the point of engaging in chases over things like this? It has to be common sense that a high speed chase can cause harm to not only the officer like in this case but innocent people and property caught up in it, all over an expired registration? Not worth it, as evidenced. Cut your losses and put out an APB for the vehicle and come it more strategically.

    If I were an innocent person who ended up getting tangled up in this because the driver or even the officer ended up hitting my car in the chase and at the least causing me grief by not having a vehicle for a while, or at the most getting seriously injured in the collision, I’d be pretty pissed, especially if I found out it was all over a registration and not even something important like the suspect shot someone or has a hostage.

    Not to mention the officers chase after the guy on foot into a dark wooded area where the driver can easily be sitting in there waiting to ambush the cops if they have a gun, worse yet if they have an accomplice with them and there’s now two guns in the mix. How foolish is that? I have no clue how the chief can condone any of this foolhardy bravado

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