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Attacker yells ‘Allahu Akbar,’ stabs five in Paris before police take him down

PARIS — The person who stabbed five people in Paris on Saturday night, killing one, yelled the Arabic phrase “Allahu Akbar,” meaning “God is great,” during the attack, city prosecutor François Molins told reporters at the scene.

Four people were wounded during the Saturday night knife attack in the touristy 2nd arrondissement, or district, of Paris.

Two of the victims were gravely wounded and two others were lightly injured, police said.

The attacker, who French President Emmanuel Macron called a terrorist, is dead, according to police.

The media wing of ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement published online.

The Amaq News Agency said “the person who executed the stabbing in Paris is a soldier of the Islamic State.” The statement also said the assailant acted in response to calls to attack anti-ISIS coalition countries.

ISIS did not provide proof to substantiate the claim and no authorities or security sources have yet verified the authenticity of the ISIS claim.

Macron said he salutes the courage of the police who “neutralized the terrorist” in the Paris knife attack, according to a tweet from his official account Saturday. He says his thoughts are with the victims.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb praised the cool and quick response by French police who “neutralized” the assailant.

“My first thoughts are for the victims in this odious attack,” added Collomb, who made the comments via Twitter.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo saluted the courage and professionalism of police, writing on Twitter that they have “again saved lives” and “have all my gratitude.”

She also thanked the emergency services who arrived to the attack scene quickly and took charge of the wounded.

The location of the attack is about 10 minutes away by foot from the Paris opera house, known as Palais Garnier.


  • AMJoy Fan

    Story is a big nothing burger. First, the most common terror attacks involve white males with guns. Islam is a religion of peace and stories like this do nothing but spread Islamophobia

    • lickerblisters

      Joy Beyer, soon several gentlemen wearing white jackets will be arriving at your door. Do not resist them. They are there to help you. Always remember, mental illness is not your fault.

      • AMJoy Fan

        No actually very soon Federal Agents will be at the door of the White House dragging Trump to prison for collusion, obstruction of justice, and treason for Logan Act violations. Mueller already got Manafort, Flynn, and Cohen.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    Pre-ramalamadingdong festivities, I’d imagine. (BTW, ‘allahu ackbar” doesn’t mean ‘God is great’. It means “allah is greater”. Yep…that’s right. In other words,’our god’s greater than your God’.)

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