Teacher in Lewisburg Area Accused of Abusing Student

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LEWISBURG, Pa. -- A Pre-K teacher in the Lewisburg Area School District is suspended after state police say she abused a student.

The elementary school teacher is accused of dragging the child out of her classroom by his ankles.

State police arrested Celina Sagan, 36, of Lewisburg earlier this week and charged her with endangering the welfare of a child.

Sagan is accused of dragging an upset child almost 40 feet out of her classroom.

Troopers say on March 6, Sagan grabbed a child's ankles and dragged him nearly 40 feet across a hallway and into another classroom. The pre-kindergarten student has a history of becoming upset in class and was kicking, screaming, and cursing right before the incident. When this particular child becomes unruly, a teacher's aide usually takes him to another room and sits with him while he calms down.

According to court papers, the teacher's aide reported the incident to the assistant superintendent the next day and the state's mandated reporting system the following week.

Lewisburg Area School District's superintendent tells Newswatch 16: "Based on the information provided and when it was provided, district staff acted appropriately."

Newswatch 16 spoke with parents who say if these allegations are true, the teacher's behavior crossed the line.

"It's just something that I don't even imagine happening to my kid. It's supposed to be a safe environment, kids learning," said Diana Shek. "I don't think it was very appropriate of the teacher at all, and if it was my son, I would be mad, livid."

"My 9 year old has been having issues at school. She's been acting out a whole lot at school and the teacher has never once said anything about putting her hands on her," said Whitney Edkin, who used to work in child care. "I think that's unacceptable. It's not OK. You don't put your hands on anybody's children."

At Thursday night's Lewisburg Area School Board meeting, school directors voted to put an unidentified employee on indefinite unpaid leave. District officials would not confirm whether that employee is Celina Sagan. As for the child, he is no longer enrolled in the Lewisburg Area School District.


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