Swans in Schuylkill Haven

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SCHUYLKILL HAVEN -- Cygnets are hatching at Bubeck Park in Schuylkill Haven.

Bubeck Park in Schuylkill Haven is seeing more visitors than usual because of the swans that live there.

"It's something that's rare," Cindy Sterner of Schuylkill Haven said. "I don't know of any other community that has swans."

The borough has two adult swans, Rambo and Abby. Three of Abby's nine eggs hatched this week. Newswatch 16 got to watch Abby and her babies, known as cygnets, enjoy an afternoon in the park. The people of Schuylkill Haven said it is a sight to see.

"We read in the newspaper about these little hatchlings and I said to my husband, ' Let's go to the park,' because I said this is just a treasure in our town and county," Sterner said.

The borough has its own "Swan Patrol" -- a retired couple who tends to the swans. They have had them at Bubeck Park for about a decade. The borough's manager said the female swan, Abby, lays her eggs around March and they always seem to hatch around Mother's Day.

There protective fencing at the park for the swans to keep them safe. When the baby swans are big enough, temporary fencing will be taken away so they can swim freely.

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