Seniors Happy about Potential Cuts to Cost of Medicine

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PITTSTON, Pa. -- Some people in our area are really hoping President Donald Trump can do something to lower prescription prices.

Those who spoke with Newswatch 16 at the senior citizen center in Pittston say they've been waiting a long time for these potential price cuts to their prescriptions.

Phyliss, Marleen, and Charles have watched prices for their prescriptions go up with no end in sight.

Newswatch 16 spoke with the trio at the Pittston Senior Center on the corner of North Main Street and Benedict in Pittston. They're excited to learn President Trump was trying to lower prices for their medicine.

"Every time you go, it seems like they are going up and they are changing and every little bit helps because I am on a fixed income," said Phyliss Bonomo.

"I think it's very outrageous that's some of the prescriptions people can't afford them so they can't take them," Marlene Dick said.

Those at the senior center say the lowering of drug prices will give them more opportunities to spend money on the things they want to spend money instead of costly prescriptions.

"The lowering of prices in a prescription gives the average person like myself who is on a fixed income able to spend money and increase the economy," said Charles Free.

The fact that the president wants Medicare to help keep prices low is welcome news to these seniors

"I don't think it's fair for people to have to worry about prescriptions. If they need it, they should be entitled to afford them," Marleen Dick said.

When can Medicare recipients expect these changes? About all President Trump said on that is these prescriptions price changes will be happening "soon."

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