Woman Facing Assault Charges After Foot Chase in Luzerne County

HAZLETON, Pa. -- A woman in Luzerne County is facing charges after police say she attacked another woman on Thursday morning.

Officers say Stojanka Manculji hit the victim repeatedly and at one point, struck the woman in the head twice with a three-foot-tall ashtray.

The victim was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Manculj was arrested after a brief foot chase with Hazleton police.


  • skookamania

    Another odd hazleton area story. The foot chase couldnt of been really too taxing for the cops. This individual doesn’t really look like the type that trains on the track running sprints with Usain Bolt.

    • skookamania

      It is but shamokin is where the future is my friend, that downtown is awesome! But pottsville bests both hazleton and pottsville with the cheesesammy craze, 100 parking meters and the fake train-station. lets not get started with shenandoah or tamaqua yet.

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