Renovations Underway at Landmark Eatery

LEWIS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A landmark in one part of Lycoming County is all but torn down. For the past week, a crew has been working to demolish most of the former Steam Valley Restaurant building on Route 14 in Trout Run.

According to neighbors, the restaurant has been closed for about a year.

For years, the Steam Valley Restaurant has welcomed drivers traveling through Trout Run.

"I remember going down there a lot of times. We just stop down there going to Williamsport," said John Rupp.

Rupp has lived in Lewis Township for most of his life. When the restaurant closed last April, Rupp had to find another place for his early morning cup of joe.

Now, only three walls of the building that included a gas station remain. The owners of the building had a demolition crew knock down most of the building last week.

Sue Whitford worked there.

"Oh, it's like well there went a landmark. But you know the new building will be so appealing," Whitford said.

According to the team working on the project, the building should be even bigger and better once renovations are complete.

"I think it's going to be great. I really do. I really do," Whitford added.

According to the Lewis Township supervisor, the remodel includes a brand-new convenience store, beer distributor, showers for travelers, a Subway, and a coffee counter.

As for the Steam Valley restaurant, the township says the owners plan to have a seating area and serve made-to-order foods.

"There will be a little bit of a restaurant, too. I don't know what sort or type or what they'll have but I know she's going to have. She didn't get rid of her french fries or grills or anything like that, so she'll be doing that type of thing too," said Whitford.

Whitford plans to go back to work at the gas station once the renovation is finished sometime later this year.