Man Heading to Trial for Drugs, Resisting Arrest

BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A man is heading to trial for a series of charges including DUI, methamphetamine possession, and resisting arrest.

Butler Township Police say on April 17, Hesan Yassin, 23, parked his car in an intersection along Old Turnpike Road, blocking a bus full of students. He then tried to run his car into a police vehicle before crashing.

A police report says they found a knife, ammunition, a syringe, and meth on him.

When he was taken to the hospital, police say Yassin tried to bite officers.


    • J (@ds18301)

      Right… like Italian immigrants never ran (still run) the Mafia responsible for the deaths of immense proportions as well as terrorizing and extorting hundreds of thousands. Just like the Russians, Germans, Lithuanians, Czechs etc etc etc had (have) their mobs and gangs. Get real.

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