Let the Landscaping Begin

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JIM THORPE, Pa. -- All of a sudden, there is an awful lot of green in the Jim Thorpe area of Carbon County.

"The weather has broke. The phone is ringing off the hook. Right now, we're into tree climbing, mulching of the jobs, and trying to get everything done before the holiday," said Jeff Day, the owner and president of Day's Landscaping and Storage Solutions, Inc.

Day's Landscaping from Jim Thorpe is open all four seasons. They do snow plowing and tree removal, but they are thrilled to finally be doing yard work for the spring and summer.

"It's the best thing in the world. I hate the snow," said Tylor Day, Jeff's son and employee.

"Our season starts out with cleanups of course from a lot of the tree damage, so we do a lot of tree work," Jeff added.

The work never stops for the Day's Landscaping team, they just have not been doing the typical yard work as early as usual this year.

"We're always busy. Did we get delayed? Yes and no, of course, we haven't been out. We've been out in the snow trying to do cleanups, yes," Jeff explained.

It depends on the day, but on a day like Wednesday, the Day's Landscaping employees will get about seven jobs done. As it gets closer to summer, they'll add more members to the team, too.

"It's a lot better than when it's blazing hot or freezing cold," Tylor said.

A good amount of the clients Day's Landscaping serves are families with second homes in the Poconos, including at Bear Creek Lakes near Jim Thorpe. Another client of theirs is the Jim Thorpe Camping Resort. They have partnered with the campground, planting trees along the front row of its entrance.

"Basically, you have a timetable that you get trees in and planted before the new buds shoot on the trees," Jeff explained.

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