Learning to Walk Again on All Fours

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BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's been months since a pet dog in Susquehanna County has walked on her own.

For three days a week, Callie, the 5-year-old Doberman Pinscher, gets into a harness and goes through therapy.

The folks at Southtown Veterinary Hospital near Montrose have been helping Callie learn to walk again.

"She was completely down, couldn't even lift her head."

That was six months ago after Callie underwent surgery because she was paralyzed.

"Callie had what's called Wobbler's Disease. She had instability in her lower cervical neck," Dr. Bob Sullivan explained.

Callie's owner was heartbroken and turned to the folks at the vet hospital for help.

Callie has been able to use a special treadmill in water and has made big strides getting back on her paws.

"She's our baby. We're thrilled to be with these girls and all the work they've done with her. They've given us hope," said owner Vanessa Schwarztrauber.

Callie has been getting a lot of help over these last few months here, starting to get back to normal. The incentive is a treat -- it's not like they can tell Callie what to do and she automatically does it. She needs that incentive.

"With these guys, here's this treat, that's going to get you to push up," said technician Natasha Vangorder.

"We're getting her to where she can use her front legs. She's getting better with back legs," said Dr. Sullivan.

As Callie starts regaining the use of her legs, her owner and the therapists are excited to have all the hard work pay off and see her walk without wheels.

"She has a special harness I'd like to be able to walk her with that that's the goal," Schwarztrauber said.

They hope to have Callie walking on her own by the end of the year.

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