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Pet Adoptions Continue at Susquehanna County Shelter

BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- An animal shelter in Susquehanna County is continuing to give away free pets all this week.

It's a bit quieter inside True Friends Animal Welfare Center this week compared to last. The main reason: in just one day the shelter near Montrose found homes for nearly 40 dogs and cats.

"It was eerie going for my final walk before I leave, saying goodnight and so many empty kennels. It was a very good feeling," said Jonathan Onyon.

Newswatch 16 stopped by for the "Empty the Shelter" event on Saturday when workers say 23 dogs and 14 cats were adopted free of charge -- all thanks to the Bissell Pet Foundation which picked up the tab.

The free adoptions brought together Arthur and his new owner Teressa Lach, now out for walks to shed some of the chihuahua's extra pounds.

Over the weekend, Teressa wanted a companion and went to True Friends and picked up Arthur. He's fitting in just right.

"He is really fitting in. He's very relaxed now. Before, he was nervous," Lach said.

This new pet owner heard of the free adoptions on Newswatch 16 and wanted to do her part to help the cause.

"Older dogs, they need the love and attention just like any other animal. They need just as much love."

Now, True Friends is extending the free adoptions all this week. Since the word got out about the successful "Empty the Shelter" event, more rescues have shown up.

"So maybe people interested in surrendering a dog because they couldn't keep it for some reason, our phones have been blowing up," Onyon said.

There's still time to help these animals find a home and keep the shelter from getting full.

Check out True Friends' website for more.

Click here for additional resources for pet adoption.