Mother’s Day and Multi-Color Flowers

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WYOMING COUNTY, Pa. -- The month of May, Mother's Day, and multi-color flowers all sort of go hand in hand.

"The big thing for Mother's Day is the hanging baskets. Ours are exceptionally nice this year, and we look forward to selling a lot of those," said Dan Kettell, the owner of Kettell's Greenhouse.

Local spots like Kettell's in Falls are getting ready for one of the busiest weeks, the days leading up to Mother's Day.

"Just to look at them, it makes you feel so much better. It just brightens your day, go out in the morning and you see a pot and its full of bloom. It just makes your day," said Marianne Martinsky, Forty Fort.

For some, buying flowers for Mother's Day will always be the tradition to kick off the outdoor season, but at Ebb's in Tunkhannock, the owner has found it to be a changing industry.

"We used to sell a thousand geraniums. If we sell 300 geraniums, we're lucky. The market has really changed. A lot of people, because we have grocery stores and big-box stores and flower tents, they just hurt the local businesses," said owner Eileen Barziloski.

And while people may not necessarily be buying flowers like they used to for holidays like Easter and Mother's Day, the prolonged winter we had this year didn't help.

"You can't get anything done because it was just too cold. You couldn't start any projects, and now that the weather is nice, all at once, it's on. So we're just going to be running hard and fast for the next couple of months," Barziloski said.

Now that winter seems to officially be over, at least for this year, it is time to make up for lost time.

"The month of May, 90% of our sales come in, so we're really hustling. We had a bad month of April because of the weather. I think we're going to catch up," Kettell explained.

"Because it was such a terrible winter, I just want to brighten the day up," Martinsky added.

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