‘The Space at Olive’ – Nonprofit Plans Event Space

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Inside a kitchen on the corner of Wyoming Avenue and Olive Street in Scranton, Meals on Wheels makes dinners for seniors all over Lackawanna County but, their latest culinary endeavor will force them to think outside the box -- or the tray, in this case.

"It allows us to pull out the stops, and get a little fancy, and do the things that we all used to do in our careers as far as weddings, and banquets, and things like that," said chef John Williams.

And the destination is right down the hall in a room that Meals on Wheels owns, but hasn't used in decades.

"It was an empty, dark, blank, unused space that had sat vacant for many, many years," said Meals on Wheels director Kristen Kosin.

Kosin showed us the renovations at "The Space at Olive." It will be an event space aimed at other nonprofits or people who would like to see their party budget help out Meals on Wheels.

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"To really have events, meetings, programming, at a cost that's not going to break the bank," Kosin said.

Kosin says several nonprofits already have plans to host events there. Chef John says it's a great way to help each other out.

"They might have something they can do for us, and we have something we can do for them. That keeps the higher echelons of government off everybody's back and just frees things up for everybody to accomplish more of what we are really getting up every day to do," said Williams.

The Space at Olive is set to open this summer.

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