Swan Found, Looking For Its Mate

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DALTON, Pa. -- A roaming swan in Lackawanna County is now safe and swimming around in a family's pond in Dalton. But that's not its home.

Photographs taken over the weekend show a swan was found walking along the median on Route 6 in Dalton.

"Cars are whizzing by, no one is stopping or anything like that, so we, of course, turned around. I couldn't leave him there. I tried to get him, and we tried to get him off the highway," said Sandy Scala.

Scala and her husband were in one of those cars driving by. With help from Dalton police, they arranged for the swan to come to a family's pond behind their home, not far from where the swan was found. Scala has spent the past three days trying to figure out where it came from.

"Trying to locate, to see if he does have an owner. He is very well cared for, very good weight, doesn't appear to be injured at all. He seems to be very happy, swimming around living his life," Scala said.

The family who lives there says they don't mind keeping the swan in the pond, they just don't have knowledge of swans. A man did reach out to the family who raises swans in the area, and said he would take it if no one else claims it.

"If he has a mate, they usually mate for life, so you want him back to where he belongs. He's so friendly and so well taken care of that he has to belong to somebody.

Scala says taking care of swans is relatively easy, as long as they are fed and have a place to go in bad weather, so this one is fine here. She also says if no owner comes forward, there are several options in the area for the swan to go.

"They're just beautiful bird. he should be with his mate because the dance that they do is just extraordinary."

If you know who the owner of the swan may be, you can call Dalton police.

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