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Student Volunteers Set Up Life Skills Prom

TAYLOR, Pa. -- Thanks to two student volunteers, some life skills students in Lackawanna County got the full prom experience on Friday.

Two seniors at Riverside Junior Senior High School in Taylor, rounded up donations from the community to ensure some students with special needs had the whole prom package.

From pictures at the park, to tearin' it up on the dance floor, the life skills students at RiveJunior-SeniorSenior High School in Taylor had the full prom experience.

Teachers say it was all thanks to two high school seniors who came forward in January and asked if they could plan it.

"It's really stressful, but it's a lot of fun putting it together and seeing how much they love it and enjoy it," says student organizer London Lovallo.

"These kids mean everything to me. I plan on going into Special Education and my brother's in this class so they're so much fun like they're amazing," says Kala Deininger, the other student organizer.

While we talked with Kala Deininger, her brother was having a ball.

"He was so excited he has the biggest smile on his face and he's having so much fun," adds Deininger.

The Life Skills teacher tells Newswatch 16 it's been about 5 years since the Life Skills students here at Riverside have had their own prom.

"The senior girls I can't thank them enough for coming in and helping my kids. They really looked forward to this, this is huge to them so just to have them to come in here today and have that special day that they'll remember from here, it's huge," says Life Skills teacher Nathan Beichler.

The student organizers say the special day was made possible by donations from the community... And the life skills students tell Newswatch 16 it was a blast.

"This is amazing I love it. This is my first time going to a prom like this," says Life Skills student Kristy Keister.

Lovallo and Deininger say coordinating this event has reinforced their decision to study special education at college in the fall.