Special Education Field Day

LEWIS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Now that the weather has warmed up, students in central Pennsylvania had an opportunity to go outside and enjoy it. This was field day at Warrior Run High School.

A normal day at school for these kids usually consists of being in a classroom. But on this day, these 300 or so students spent the day outside playing games.

This was field day for the special education students at Warrior Run High School near Turbotville. Middle and high school students from at least 14 school districts in central Pennsylvania came to the event.

"They just come for a day of fun and games and just to participate and have a good time and just to be kids," said Bryce Woland.

The event was started five years ago by some Warrior Run High School graduates. Warrior Run students plan, set up, and help with field day.

There were around two dozen activities for the kids to do no matter what their fitness levels are.

After the students participated in the activities, they ate lunch and had an awards ceremony.

"This day is all about them and they feel truly special. They want to be here and they just love coming back. The feedback we get from their teachers is nothing but good, nothing but positive," Woland said.

Students tell Newswatch 16 Special Education Field Day is a tradition they hope to continue for years to come.