Electronic Parking Kiosks Installed in Jim Thorpe

JIM THORPE -- No change in your pocket for the meter will soon be no problem in Jim Thorpe.

Electronic kiosks have been installed downtown and are expected to be fully functioning within the next week.

"I think that will really work out good, and you know every place else has them, so I think it will work out good," said Barbara DeLuca, Jim Thorpe.

Seven kiosks have been installed. Each takes credit cards, bills, and change.

You can also use a mobile app called Whoosh! to add time to your meter right from your smartphone.

The technology is convenient for people who work downtown, like Megan Rims.

"I was so scared about being late because I was digging in my car for change and could only find two quarters. That's only a half hour here and I have to work for quite a few hours," Megan Rims, Bear Appetite Cafe.

Once the kiosks get up and running, they will only be used for downtown parking spots. County-owned parking spots, like those along the train tracks, will still be metered.

"It's much easier than having individual meters and trying to deal with all of that," said Bob Maddex.

Bob Maddex from Missouri says he knows all too well the struggles of getting a ticket after forgetting to re-fill the meter. He's happy to see more and more places offering this type of parking technology.

"I'd much rather have something like this where I can pull up an app on my phone and add a few extra minutes or hours," said Maddex.

Borough officials say they are still working out details of how long someone can stay parked in each spot at one time.

The hope is to add more kiosks in Jim Thorpe in the coming years.