Barn Painting at Beef Farm

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- When it comes to beef, Chris and Jill Ulrich rely on a very specific kind -- Certified Angus. That's been their breed of choice since they started farming beef cattle in 1995.

They are proud of their cattle and are ready to show it off to everyone who comes by their farm near Allenwood. They are having the official Certified Angus Beef logo painted on their barn.

"I saw a thing on Twitter that says, 'does your barn have what it takes?' So I walked out here to the top of the hill close to where the road is and I snapped a picture of the barn," Chris Ulrich said.

2018 marks Certified Angus Beef's 40th anniversary. To celebrate, the company is painting its logo on 40 barns across the country.

The Ulrich family's barn is one of those 40 barns. The logo is 12 by 16 feet.

"It's pretty great. The community coming out today has been pretty cool," Chris said.

"Finding wooden barns across the country is a challenging thing to do. When he submitted his barn, we were excited to see such an awesome barn located in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside, located near Weis Markets which is a chain we work with here in the area," Margaret Coleman said.

Members of the Allenwood community came to the event to watch the paint dry. The family was chosen out of a few hundred entries.

"Our kids are very involved in the farm with 4-H projects and raising the Angus beef to show at the Lycoming County Fair. It hits home and is a great thing for all of us," Jill Ulrich said.

The Ulrichs are both teachers in the Montgomery Area School District. They brought some of their students to the barn painting to make it a field trip.

"A lot of what we're doing here kind of fits with Chesapeake Bay clean water initiatives," Chris said.

The Ulrich family's barn was the 12th stop on Certified Angus Beef's cross-country trip. The event started in January and runs through October.

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