81-year-old Celebrates Milestone at State Farm

OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Stop by the State Farm Insurance Agency along old Lycoming Creek Road near Williamsport and there's a chance agent Russ Reitz will tell you a hunting story.

"So he goes peddling down, dives off the end," said Reitz.

Reitz, who says he's 81 and a half years old has a few trophies from those hunting trips on the walls of his office.

"I got that one on the island of Molokai, in Hawaii."

This week Reitz is celebrating an even bigger success, not only is he running his own business at 81 but he's also celebrating his 56th year with State Farm.

"The time has gone by so rapidly, it's been very fulfilling," said Reitz.

Originally from Franklin, Pennsylvania Reitz started his career with State Farm before moving to the Williamsport area with his wife Marie in the 60's.

Reitz hasn't done this on his own, his wife Marie has been by his side for all 56 years.

"God has blessed us to be together all these years and to be with State Farm which is a big blessing to us. We have friends with State Farm all over the United States," said Marie Reitz.

Recently the Start Farm agent was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease which means he won't be going on those hunting trips anymore.

"But I can stay here and I can help people," says Reitz on why he has no plans on retiring soon.

"I think I am grateful that God has given this length of life to be able to help people so maybe it will be a few more years, I don't know."

And that means Reitz is still accepting clients in Lycoming County.