Help for Flood Victims in Lycoming County

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MCYNTIRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Sandy Swarthout hasn't lived in her home in McIntyre Township for more than a year.

"I looked back and I could just see the water coming," said Swarthout.

In late October of 2016, during a flash flood, her home of over 40 years was destroyed beyond repair.

"When it kept raining and the water was so swift and it had taken our house off its foundation I knew we were in trouble," said Swarthout. "There was nothing we could do but wait and pray."

With over 100 people across central Pennsylvania displaced by the flood, Sandy and dozens of others have been waiting for financial support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"When that creek overflows and you get that flash flooding, this is the result," said Josh Schnitzlein, hazard mitigation planner for Lycoming County.

Josh Schnitzlein the hazard mitigation planner for Lycoming County has been working to secure funds for flood victims in this area.

Last month Schnitzlein says Lycoming County received a  $2 million federal grant as part of FEMA's hazardous mitigation program.

The money will help the county buyout about a dozen properties destroyed by the flood including Sandy's.

"We're working on the closings with the solicitors so they should receive that money by the end of the summer," said Schnitzlein.

"That is awesome I am very happy about it. I''m glad for all the other people that are going to get the buyout," said Swarthout.

As for Sandy's old home, the county hopes to have the building demolished and the property leveled because no one will be allowed to build here.

The county expects the property will be open public green space by the fall.

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