A Banner Birthday for One 90-year-old Business Owner in Lackawanna County

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A banner waved in the wind above Birney Avenue as a reminder to all in Minooka that it's Mikey's 90th birthday.

Mikey himself was the least excited.

"Well, it's only another day to me, you know? What's the difference if you're 90, you're 80, or 70. Same thing," said Mikey Castaldi.

It was not the birthday present Mikey Castaldi wanted but the one his regular customers thought he deserved.

Mikey's son and grandson now help out at Castaldi's Market. It's been around for about a century and Mikey's the secret to the success.

"I mean, they come in, they love that guy, you know they do and that's all that it is," said Joe and Rob Castaldi.

"You get something and say, 'how much?' and he says, 'I don't know what do you think?'" said Tim Lynady, Minooka.

May not be the best business model but it's worked for Mikey. He and the market have a symbiotic relationship.

"I know he's killing me but it's keeping him alive," said Joe Castaldi.

"Yeah, when I'm six feet in the ground I'll retire!" said Mikey.

He plans to celebrate a few more birthdays behind this counter. He just asks, no more banners.

"I think I want to be here for a few more years, without being bothered with anybody."

He did agree to a family party this weekend.

"Maybe I'll go out and get drunk, huh?"

Happy Birthday, Mikey!



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