Praying for Sister Angela After Tragedy

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DUNMORE, Pa. -- The words of the rosary echoed inside the IHM Center Chapel at Marywood University.

The people there were praying for Sister Angela Miller, who belonged to the IHM, The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

"They'll be saying the ‘Hail Mary’ over and over, and there's an ending part to that which says, 'Pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death,' so that offers comfort to people, not just their hour of death, but the hour of death for those that they love, too,” said Sister Jean Louse Bachetti of the IHM Center of Spiritual Development.

Scranton police believe that Sister Angela and Rosemary Smith were murdered by Alan Smith after they filed protection from abuse orders against him.

Police said Smith shot and killed his mother Rosemary and his aunt, Sister Angela, before killing himself in a fire at the family home in west Scranton.

Police recovered Alan Smith and Rosemary Smith's bodies, but Sister Angela remains missing.

"You just have to wait, and it's very hard waiting and see if they have anything. People care about her. People cared, and as a community, we come together and just cherish what we have left,” said Gianna Evans, who knew Sister Angela well and prayed the rosary for her.

Terry McNamara has been friends with Sister Angela for more than 30 years and says she only agreed to this interview because she says Sister Angela made her a better person.

“We know Angela is looking down on us from heaven, and we can just feel her presence here. We can't hug her anymore, and we can't hold her hand or anything, but we can be spiritually connected here, and we can feel her in our hearts,” said McNamara.

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