Art for the 21st Century: Creative Kids at Warrior Run High School

While some districts have had to cut back on art programs due to tight budgets, one school in Northumberland County has an art program that’s thriving.

Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey visited Warrior Run High School on Wednesday in the Turbotville area.

One part of the progressive art program includes the creation of a professional animation studio inside the Warrior Run High School. It has a small scale costume and puppetry shop along with several sound stages and green screens.

The animation project incorporates both silicone puppets and 3D printed costumes. The technology helps students produce art "outside the box."

Teachers who helped with the project say it "integrates art,  language, performance (vocal), media literacy and technology."

The animation project was made possible by funding from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Warrior Run School District.

You can see the student-created animation movies along with other works of art during a district-wide art show.

Art Show Details:

  • WHAT: Warrior Run School District Art Show
  • WHY: Features works of art from kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • WHEN: Tuesday, May 8
  • WHERE: Warrior Run High School (Art Room), 4800 Susquehanna Trail, Turbotville
  • CONTACT: 570-649-5166

For more information on the Warrior Run High School, click here.