‘A great deal of mourning and grief’- Marywood Community in Sorrow over Missing Sister

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- The search for a missing nun, who is a suspected homicide victim, continues in Scranton.

Meanwhile, members of Sister Angela Miller's congregation are gathering Wednesday night to pray for a resolution to the tragedy.

"There's been a great deal of mourning and grief, and deep sadness because of the roles of both Rose and Angela in our lives," said Sister Ellen Maroney, IHM.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Center at Marywood University has been a more somber place since Saturday.

IHM Sister Angela Miller has been presumed dead, and a victim of homicide. Her sister Rosemary Smith was killed, too.

Rosemary's body was found in the family's torched home on Washburn Street in Scranton. Sister Angela's body is still missing.

While Sister Angela served as a nun, her sister served retired nuns at the IHM Center at Marywood.

"Energetic would be an understatement, understatement for her, simply wonderful. If there was something that needed being done, she did it," Sister Ellen added.

Sister Angela spent most of her career as a third grade math teacher at St. Clare's School in Scranton's Green Ridge section.

"I remember when we were learning our times tables, we'd go, she'd sit us outside on the side and count trees, or apples, or whatever was around, so it's kind of a coincidence how nice it is that we can do this outside," said former student Phoebe Mulligan.

Now college students, Phoebe Mulligan and Lexie Yeager planned to study for finals outside.

"She was always there, always present in everyday life, and it's truly tragic that, you know, that she's not going to be there now," Yeager said.

Sister Angela and Rosemary Smith had each filed protection from abuse orders against Rosemary's son Alan Smith the night before they were killed.

"Domestic violence touches so many people," Sister Ellen said.

That hits especially close to home for IHM President Sister Ellen Maroney. The congregation donates time and money to victims of domestic violence.

"We join our efforts with all who seek somehow to bring some understanding and awareness to the tragedy of domestic violence in our world," said Sister Ellen.

Alan Smith, the suspected killer in this case, died himself after setting the family's home on fire. Police say Smith didn't leave behind many clues as to where Sister Angela's body may be.

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