Vietnam Veteran Honored on Courthouse Square

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Ahead of Memorial Day, a special presentation was made in Scranton Tuesday morning for Vietnam veterans.

A poster honoring Vietnam vet Jimmy Reddington who was killed in action was unveiled in front of the Lackawanna County Courthouse in Scranton.

Friends and other service members looked on as the men who served alongside Reddington received a commemorative pin. The ceremony was held in front of the Vietnam memorial.

"I want to make sure that my friend Jimmy Reddington is not forgotten, and not just Jimmy, but all the guys that didn't come home," said Vietnam vet Joe Silvestri.

"He was a very special person and he did what he had to do to keep the country safe," said Reddington's friend Lorraine Pacheco.

On March 23, 1967, Jimmy Reddington, 19, died after charging into battle in South Vietnam. His fellow soldiers said he was furious because he thought his fellow Marine Joe Silverstri had been killed by the enemy.

Maj. Gen. James Jackson travels the country honoring Vietnam veterans who may not have received a warm welcome when they originally came home.

"Most veterans will have stories similar to what we know about Jimmy Reddington but what is unique is the comradery between Jimmy Reddington and his fellow Marines," said Maj. Gen. Jackson, Director of the Vietnam War Commemorative Commission.

Silverstri hopes that the sacrifice Reddington and other serviceman made during the Vietnam War is never forgotten.

"I wish it never happened but it did and unfortunate all we can do now is remember and for the city and the community to remember him and I hope it continues," said Silvestri.

Another special ceremony in honor of Reddington will be held during Memorial Day weekend.