Lottery Players Keen for Keno

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- There's usually a long line to play the Pennsylvania Lottery at Puff Express in Williamsport and this day was no exception. With the lottery debuting a new game, people wanted to check it out.

It's called Keno. There are drawings every four minutes.

Playing Keno starts at $1. Players choose up to 10 numbers between 1 and 80 and the computer randomly draws 20 winning numbers.

Puff Express employee Lela Beck says debuting this new game has been interesting.

"Had a couple of people who wanted to try it. Others say, 'No, it's too confusing.' They don't want to take a chance," Beck said.

Even so, quite a few people took a chance with Keno.

"I haven't got a clue how it's played. I just did some quick pick things and leave it up to chance. Maybe, first time you win," said Gwen Muldrow.

"The quick pick takes too long to explain because you don't want to hold the line up, so I just got $5 worth and we'll see what happens," said Robert Lewis.

Many retailers have big-screen monitors so Keno players can watch their drawing results every four minutes. Employees at Puff Express in Williamsport say they'll be getting the monitors soon.

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