Continuing Search for Missing Victim in Scranton

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Heavy equipment is being used as the search continues for the third victim in a violent standoff and fire in Scranton.

This is day four of the search. The Scranton Fire Department, police detectives, DPW, and officials from the Lackawanna County coroner's office are on the scene.

They are looking for the body of Sister Angela Miller. Police believe she was the third person to die in the home on Washburn Street in Scranton.

The other two people were found Saturday.

Police say Alan Smith shot and killed his mother Rosemary before he died in the fire.

Smith set that fire Saturday morning after police showed up with two emergency protection-from-abuse orders filed by his mother and his aunt Sister Angela.

What's followed has been an exhaustive search of the burned-out home.

An excavator is systematically scooping debris out on to the street to be searched.

Investigators expect this could be another long day.

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