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Free Adoptions for ‘Empty the Shelter’

BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and one shelter in Susquehanna County is getting ready for the potential of lots of adoptions this week.

It may be loud now, but by this time next week, it could be a whole lot quieter inside True Friends Animal Welfare Center near Montrose.

That's because the shelter was chosen as the only one in our area to have all adoptions paid for in full. It's a gift from the Bissell Pet Foundation through the initiative Empty the Shelters this Saturday.

"It's an excellent incentive. That's a lot of money to come up with out of the gate. The fact they're willing to spring for that, that is going to help," said employee Jonathan Onyon.

Employees introduced us to Oreo, one of the many pups being cared for until someone comes to take them home.

"A dog like Oreo, he loves everyone. He loves other dogs, likes kids. He deserves that shot," said employee Marci Zeiler.

With roughly 30 dogs plus all the cats, True Friends Animal Welfare Center is in need of folks to come in and adopt the pets and give them forever homes. Many times, that can cost hundreds of dollars.

"Under two years, it's $200. Under seven months is $275," said Zeiler.

Samuel Phillips and his family dropped in looking for a new dog or cat and found out the adoption could be free if the application is in by Thursday.

"People don't have the money, especially the way the economy is, to get a dog or cat. The Bissell program will help them out," he said.

True Friends is staying open late this Saturday until 6 p.m. for Empty the Shelter.