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Police: Scranton Homicide Victim Was Confidential Informant

SCRANTON, Pa. -- New details have been released in the murder of a woman from Scranton.

Police say three people purposefully injected Nina Gatto, 24, with fentanyl-laced heroin last week in the Bangor Heights development in Scranton and then pinched her nose and covered her mouth to suffocate her. Investigators say the trio conspired to kill Gatto because she had been an informant for police in Scranton.

Cornelius Mapson, 32, Melinda Palermo, 37, both of Pittston, and Kevin Weeks, 25, are all behind bars charged with Gatto's death. Weeks was taken into custody late Friday night.

Gatto was found dead inside her home on Kennedy Street on April 20. Investigators said her cell phone was missing. Court papers indicate Weeks took that cell phone because it would link them to her death.

According to court papers, a witness overheard the trio talking about the killing, saying that it was supposed to look like an overdose.

Police say Mapson was supposed to be in court earlier this week on drug charges resulting from a drug bust back in February where Gatto was the informant. Investigators say Mapson wanted revenge.

Police had the arrest papers sealed until they caught Weeks Friday night. Investigators thought he might run.

The court papers also indicate one of the witnesses who helped police piece this together was threatened by someone who knew Weeks for cooperating with police.


  • Wes Kraven (@Wes_Kraven)

    all could have been avoided if she took her own punishment like a grown person instead of snitching on other people to save herself..smh if you do the crime and get the time..only POS tell on the other people they were doing the dirt with.

    • Dana Smith

      Yea right , THere’s 3 rats trying to turn on eachother right now so they don’t get life Scum has no “code” and drug dealers aren’t anything to protect .

    • Lynne Fazio

      You are so right. But, I also put some blame on those who turned her into a CI – knowing she was risking her life. Probably would have been out in 18 months. What a shame.

    • Elyas Johl Dzeckor

      Spoken like the true criminal scum that has been infesting NEPA for decades. As if criminals have any honor amongst each other, let alone a “code” that they follow. If only NEPA cops weren’t making so much money off of the dealers, perhaps they would be rounding up scum like Wes and his insipid shallow-gene-pool buddies.

  • Ralf Shmalf

    Been there done that in her exact set of circumstances and obsticals? Perhaps. This is not an argument. Just a suggestion that sometimes “choice” is the lesser of two evils.

    • gutterratt

      Exact ~ exact? Nothing is exact like snowflakes, each life’s journey is different, however many individual snowflakes are part and parcel of the same blizzard.

  • Dana Smith

    What did you expect to happen when you choose to associate with hoodrat scum ? By the by turning in Heroin selling scum is OK and not cause to murder ( look where it got them )

    • Ralf Shmalf

      Dana Smith- What a bigoted and ignorant comment. Never assume you are not one horrific happenstance away from making a slightly misguided decision that leads you one step at a time to the same fate. Never take for granted the fortunate place you must be in in life to think “associating with hood rat scum” is a choice for someone. Take a second to thank whomever you believe in that this is not your life, because it could’ve been.

      • Rusty Knyffe

        The term, “bigoted,” does not apply, here. Nina Gatto wasn’t being a “confidential informant” because these people were swiping a few candy bars from a local convenience store. “Confidential informant” is a pretty hefty description and has an ongoing ramification. Unfortunately, she paid the ultimate price for her personal associations and for trusting that an agency could protect her from a trio of murderous criminals.

        To call something precisely what it is doesn’t always fall under the category of bigotry. To suggest that every person is expected to maintain one set of beliefs is bigoted, itself – everyone has prejudiced opinions of some other group, race, religion, educational background, societal status, and/or financial status. It’s part of the human condition, always has been, and always will be.

      • jimbrony

        “everyone has prejudiced opinions of some other group, race, religion, educational background, societal status, and/or financial status. It’s part of the human condition, always has been, and always will be.” Well then, sounds like Rusty Knyffe has everyone and anything figured out already. No sense trying to work on racism, bigotry, and prejudice then – it’s already a foregone conclusion according to him. ‘The human condition’ – I’ll give you that much – you’ve got a condition…

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