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Trees, Monument at Nay Aug Park to Honor City’s Mayors

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A group of men who each held the highest office in Scranton wanted to honor their city's past and future with a monument that's rooted in tradition.

The rain wasn't ideal for the people but it was helpful for the main attraction at Nay Aug Park on this Arbor Day.

"We love this little area and we wanted to enhance it that much more," said former Scranton Mayor David Wenzel.

Former Mayor Wenzel was the main motivator behind the enhancements to Hanlon's Grove at the park in Scranton – 30 trees to honor the city's 30 mayors.

Four of the six living city mayors came to the dedication.

"They're all friends of mine, most of them worked in my administration, the living mayors anyway," said former Mayor Eugene Peters.

"We love each other, we love each other," said former Mayor Jimmy Connors. "We're from different parties, but only the mayors can appreciate what it's like to be in that office.'

The 30 trees are among 150 which were planted to celebrate Scranton's 150th birthday.

Now there's a monument with each of the mayor's names.

Mayor Gene Hickey's namesake didn't want to miss the dedication.

"He was always just a wonderful man in my life, so I'm very honored to say I'm named after him and what a good uncle he was," said Mary Jean Moran, niece of Mayor Hickey.

The past mayors are like the city's roots.

"You put up with so much when you're mayor. You hear all these complaints all the time, people complain about you. They don't realize these men sit there and try their hardest to do the best for the city," Moran added.

And the branches of the future have plenty of room to grow.

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  • Richie Fish

    Seriously?? They put up a monument for this group of “honorable men”. From Elliot Hill back in 1866, right up to, who knows when. They took both hands, this band of thieves. They are the main reason why this city is in such a mess. The people of the city today, are paying for the sins of these “honorable men” of yesterday. They took whatever they could and left the city bankrupt, so we gave them a memorial???? Please, the hipocrisy goes on and on. They take and take, from the top, right down to the person that sweeps the street, and let’s not even get started on the school board, let’s throw a memorial in the park for those band of thieves too, why not.

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